Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Why Robotic Process Automation?

RPA is a software-driven process of automating tedious tasks. Just like with workflow automation, a task moves through a workflow automatically, moving from step to step without human intervention. The biggest differentiator of robotic process automation vs. workflow automation is that in RPA, the entire workflow and associated tasks are designated directly to the computer instead of to a person.

Suppose you are completing competitor research. In this robotic process automation use case, your computer could:

complete a basic internet search compile information on other businesses screen-scrape the information that is required put it into a spreadsheet email the spreadsheet to other colleagues on the team By handing this task over to the robot, you have saved yourself hours of research and data entry. Studies show that switching from manual processes to RPA can reduce costs by up to 75%.

Not only that, but there is a strong correlation between robotic process automation and risk mitigation. Specifically between robotic process automation and security risks. You see, many risks occur through human user error or the work of bad actors. Robots can be trusted to do their task and handle sensitive data correctly time after time.

Explore some robotic process automation case studies here to see how it can help in your industry: Robotic process automation in finance and accounting Robotic process automation in analytics and insurance

RPA as part of Engineersmind has partnered with Robocorp, which has developed a popular open-source platform for robotic process automation (RPA). This partnership continues our commitment to open-source solutions that promote integration with legacy systems.

As a part of, Robocorp’s RPA helps the user extend the power of the workflow engine Camunda. This tool provides users with the ability to take any step within a workflow and turn it into an automated process.

Robotic process automation services can perform tedious manual tasks, freeing up your staff to do more meaningful work

With, you can make a workflow as simple or as complex as you want. Within each phase in a robotic digital process automation project, users can choose to fully automate or to move pieces of the project back into human hands while automating other pieces. Nearly any task can be delegated to a human, a robot, or both.

While the setup for our robotic process automation open source solution can seem a bit daunting (some configuration is involved to ensure everything works together), the team can help with every step (with our support packages). And once your system is set up, it’s designed to simplify your life.

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