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The Power of AI and Data

A Fortune 500 business often makes 400 million decisions each day. Even though these decisions are made in a complicated and fast-changing global environment, they frequently still rely on rules, heuristics, and gut instinct. Despite ongoing investments in innovative technologies, many businesses still have trouble helping their staff locate and use the data they need to make wise choices and effectively provide value.

Technological advancements made A variety of unanticipated opportunities to magnify, automate, and improve these decisions possible, particularly in data and artificial intelligence (AI). Leaders may already reinvent research and development (R&D), optimise entire value chains, and advance methods for doing design and strategy all at once.

Thoughtworks uses data and AI to assist organizations from various industries to decide more effectively, quickly, and at scale.

Technological superiority. Business orientation. Exceptional impact. Data can only provide quantitative value in one-third of firms. Less than 5% of businesses have achieved industrialized growth, and only 15% of businesses have grown their AI investments beyond proofs-of-concept. When investments are viewed as isolated IT initiatives rather than cross-organizational transformation, this occurs. A comprehensive approach to current data-enabled and AI-backed technology strategy is required to win with data and AI. Successful projects require a thorough understanding of future competencies, use cases, and concepts.

Agile software development, continuous delivery, and microservices are just a few of the industry practices that Thoughtworks helped establish as industry standards. Being at the forefront of Data & AI development is natural for us since all software becomes more sophisticated.

Our services include Perforated Data To solve your data difficulties, use a product mindset and contemporary software engineering techniques.

Products with intelligence Create systems powered by ML to incorporate intelligence into your products. Decision science combines organizational and technological change with applied data science to improve results for businesses and clients, team members, partners, and society.

Data strategy Develop lean, adaptable strategies to take advantage of business opportunities by integrating data literacy into your strategy and operations.

Decision factory a collection of ideas, frameworks, and integrated data science tools created to create self-optimizing systems, tools, and processes that modern businesses can use to boost customer service and increase productivity.

**Data platforms ** Create systems with a continuous delivery approach to consume, store, analyse, and integrate various data services.

CD4ML Take your ML models from the prototype stage to the production stage by applying the continuous delivery principles with CD4ML.

Data management Implement governance procedures and tools that empower your users, treating data as a product.

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