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Microsoft and Azure are now well-known in the container and Kubernetes developer communities. Along with Google, AWS, SAP, Cisco, and others, Microsoft is a Platinum Member of CNCF.

Microsoft Azure makes application administration possible through Microsoft-managed data centers, also referred to as Azure. You can handle and save data depending on your needs. These services and solutions provide data storage and conversion based on your needs. Microsoft Azure categorizes cloud services into over two dozen groups. Each category may contain a variety of instance or service kinds. Here are the categories:

►Measure. These services allow users to access distant apps as well as deploy and manage virtual machines, containers, and batch tasks. Compute resources established in the Azure cloud can be assigned either public or private IP addresses, depending on whether the resource must be accessible to the outside world.

►Mobile. These technologies assist developers in creating cloud apps for mobile devices by providing notification services, back-end task support, tools for developing application programming interfaces (APIs), and the ability to combine geospatial context with data.

►Analytics. Real-time analytics, big data analytics, data lakes, machine learning, business intelligence, internet of things (IoT) data streams, and data warehousing are among the services offered, as are distributed analytics and storage.

►Network for media and content distribution (CDN). On-demand streaming, digital rights management, encoding, and media playing and indexing are all CDN services.

►Identity. Services include Azure Active Directory support and multifactor authentication.

►IoT. Notifications, analytics, monitoring, and code and execution support are all available as services.

►DevOps. This division offers project and collaboration technologies such as Microsoft Azure DevOps (previously Visual Studio Team Services) to support DevOps software development processes. It also offers application diagnostic tools, DevOps tool integrations, and builds an experimental test lab.

►Development. These services assist application developers in sharing code, testing applications, and tracking potential problems. Azure supports application programming languages such as JavaScript, Python,.NET, and Node.js. Azure DevOps tools, software development kits (SDKs), and blockchain.

►Security. These solutions detect and mitigate cloud security risks, as well as handle encryption keys and other sensitive assets.

►Artificial intelligence and machine learning: A developer may employ a variety of services to embed AI, machine learning, and cognitive computing capabilities into apps and data sets.

►Migration. This set of tools supports a company in predicting workload migration costs and carrying out actual workload migrations from local data centers to the Azure cloud.

►**Blockchain. **You can use the Azure Blockchain Service to join or create your own blockchain consortium.

►Intune. Microsoft Intune can enroll user devices and deploy security policies and mobile apps. Mobile apps can be made available to groups of people or to a specific set of devices. Intune also has features for monitoring which apps are being used.

What Are Azure Services & How Does Azure Work? Azure is a massive collection of networking infrastructure and servers that run a diverse variety of applications across a business. These apps ensure that the setup and functioning of virtualized software and hardware on the servers are in sync.

Azure resources and services can then be combined to create running environments for hosting workloads and storing data.

Besides Microsoft's services available through the Azure portal, several third-party organizations offer software directly through Azure. The cost of a third-party application varies, however it may include a program subscription price and a use fee for the infrastructure required to host the service.

There are five separate Azure customer support packages:

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